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Need an expert for leak detection? Finding out you have a water leak can often mean water damage and extensive repairs. We can locate and fix the leak fast with the least damage possible. Give us a call today!

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Water Leak Repair Logan

We get it. Water leaks can be stressful and they can also cause serious damage to your home or business. Water leaks can happen from old pipes, frozen pipes or from normal every day use.

It’s important to remember not all water leaks are obvious. Sometimes leaks occur in a plumbing line under a slab or in other hidden areas. When these leaks go unnoticed, it can cause serious damage and expensive repairs. If you think your home or business has a water leak, contact our skilled plumbing technicians at Jerry’s Plumbing Repair.


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Frozen Pipes? Old Cracked Pipes?

We understand how inconvenient a broken water line is. Rely on Jerry’s Plumbing Repair for the best leak detection services in Logan and throughout Cache Valley. We can repair or replace your water pipes quickly with the least amount of damage as possible. 

Professional Leak Detection

With our advanced technology and non-invasive procedures, we can minimize damage and provide solutions. It doesn’t matter where you live or how old your home or business is, we all can get plumbing leaks that are hard to find. Whether your water leak is a main water line leak, slab leak, wall and/or floor leak, crawl space or basement leak, we have the experience and knowledge to quickly locate and fix the leak. Give us a call today for fast leak location!


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